Bisher AKIL, MD

HIV Related High Lipids is Difficult to Treat

In Heart on April 1, 2009 at 12:30 am

Dyslipidemia (abnormal lipids in blood) is common in HIV-infected patients, but treatment outcomes are often unsatisfactory. In this study from Kaiser Permanente in California, investigators compared responses to lipid-lowering therapy between 829 HIV-infected patients and 6941 uninfected controls, all with laboratory evidence of dyslipidemia. The HIV-infected patients had significantly smaller LDL (low density lipoprotein) declines in response to statin therapy than their HIV-negative counterparts (reduction, 25.6% vs. 28.3%); within the HIV population, pravastatin (Pravachol®) was less effective than other agents (simvastatin – Zocor®, lovastatin – Mevacor®, or atorvastatin- Lipitor®). Response to fibrate therapy (gemfibrozil – Lopid®) was also worse among HIV-infected patients, particularly those receiving PIs. Three cases of rhabdomyolysis occurred in the HIV-infected group versus one in the control group; laboratory abnormalities occurred in fewer than 5% of those with HIV infection.

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